Grand Symbolic Lodge of Croatia
Supreme Council 33° of Croatia


Whether you are a member of Fraternity or not, Grand Symbolic Lodge of Croatia wishes you warmest welcome. We are looking forward to your visit. Freemasonry is a long and interesting journey. Because of that we tried to collect everything about topics that would be interesting for you, and maybe among them you will also find something about topics you didn’t dare to ask about.

We have nothing to hide. Be curious; it is a virtue.

On our web page we’ll try to give answers to some question that you might have about Freemasonry, especially about Grand Symbolic Lodge of Croatia. This masonic power is liberal and adogmatic masonic body, dedicated to the nurturing and developing highest ideals, for single individual and for all humanity.

We hope that this portal, opened to you in order to make an interactive link between the Grand Symbolic Lodge of Croatia and you, will provide you with the opportunity to discover that Freemasonry is a royal art, an art in which the aspiration for personal development and serving to homeland is foundation without which no one of our current and future members can not be a Freemason.

About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is one of the largest and oldest fraternities which is characterized as a social structure for gathering people who are studying main esoteric traditions of Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East.

To preserve its own universal characteristics, Freemasonry uses mason – architectonic symbolism through which is inviting its Initiatives to leave itself to the self-awareness by using rituals in their temples which are places for discussion and exploration of universal moral principles with purpose of building better and fairer world.


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Grandmaster's introduction

Grand Symbolic Lodge of Croatia (further G∴S∴L∴C∴) is a Union of masonic Lodges that are working in Croatia.

It is constituted as the highest masonic corps according to traditional and authentic masonic habits.

G∴S∴L∴C∴ is gathering and coordinating Lodges because of brotherly and constructive relationships with other masonic corps in Croatia and abroad.

G∴S∴L∴C∴ is a mixed masonic body where its members are free men and women that are gathering in the Lodges which have possibility to choose a specific ritual that is being performed on works.

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